Monday, July 20, 2009

16 weeks and The Big Texan

Grandma and Abuelito Franco were in town visiting Britton again! We love having them visit and really really really wish they lived closer!

On Saturday, we went out to eat with both sets of Grandparents and with my Godparents. Then on Sunday, we went to Canyon and had hamburgers at my Godparent's house. They have a cool patio in the backyard and it was nice and cool and breezy and Britton loved it!

Grandma and Abuelito stayed until Monday afternoon, and we had lunch at The Big Texan before they headed home. I forgot to pack a bottle for Britton and we had to make a quick pit-stop at the Dollar Store to get a cheapo one. Britton could definitely tell the difference between that bottle and his Dr. Brown's. But he still ate. I guess when you are hungry, you will eat no matter how it's served!

Britton is getting so active! He kicks and bicycles his legs like he thinks he's going somewhere. We didn't get to go swimming on Friday, but we ended up getting in the master bath tub, and he went completely crazy in it. Splashing and kicking and I guess thinking he is half fish! We stayed in the tub for about 45 mintues and afterwards, he drank a bottle and crashed into a LONG nap. I can't wait to get him a baby pool!

Britton is also laughing! I love the sound of it! Sometimes it takes no effort to make him laugh and sometimes he will not laugh no matter what we try. He is also close to rolling over, but I think he still has some weeks to go. Tummy time is going well, and when I go to get him from his crib, he is always holding his head waaaay up high.

Lewis is going to Colorado at the end of the month and we are going to Anson and San Antonio, so we won't be all alone. I can't wait for our trip. When we get back, Britton has his 4 month apppointment, and I am really curious to see how much he has grown and gained.

If you have the sound on your computer, you will notice I added a music playlist. I love love love those two songs. Especially the one called "Beautiful Boy".

Whatcha talking about, Willis!?!?!?

My adorable boy!!

Too busy eating his hands to realize he has a Davy Crockett hat on his head.

In the larger than life rockig chair at The Big Texan

Native Born Texan! Yee Haw!!

He really wasn't feeling it....

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