Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ready for guests

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Lewis and I were in the process of getting the guest bath and guest bedroom ready for any potential guests. He even painted the guest bath a new color.

Here are the results:

The shower curtain. And if you look closely, the shower hooks are little Texas flags.

The sink area. Lewis is currently sanding and painting the drawers and doors that go on the front. They should be done very soon.

Just a few of the accessories that will go on a shelf once Lewis has put up my "over the toilet" cabinet. FYI, that is a miniature cotton bale. It's my favorite decoration in there. My dad gave it to me several years ago.

The circle star will go on the wall in front of the toilet. It's another of my favorite pieces.
Also notice the floors. The whole house is stained and sealed concrete.
Which is good and bad for BB...Good because he/she will be able to zip around pretty fast in a walker/little bike. Bad because his/her knees are gonna get a workout as it's trying to learn to crawl!

The guest bedroom. It looks nicer than the master bedroom. :)
I love love love how it has all turned out! And the best thing, is that I spent about $80 total on both rooms. 98% of the stuff, I already owned, it was just boxed up.
If you have ever been to our house or even know how Lewis and I "are", you know that our house is very spartan. We have our reasons. And slowly, but surely, our house will come together. At the least, this half of the house is ready for visitors.
Next up, BB's nursery. It is functional, but not completely done. Pictures of the nursery to follow soon!!


april said...

you dont know how excited i am not to have to sleep on the futon...in the living room...with no curtains!

Crissybug said...

Love the bathroom. Texan pride all the way baby! :) It really looks like it will be so nice.

The bedroom looks just as fabulous. Our house is very 'spartan' too. Everything comes with time. Atleast you have good taste!

Can't wait to see the nursery!