Friday, December 12, 2008

My week

I naively thought that since my first two days of work this week didn't involve any joint pain, that maybe, just maybe, my body/joints were done adjusting to the hormone levels/altitude/pressurization changes and no longer would hurt.

That would be a BIG FAT NEGATIVE.

By the end of my second day of flying, the pain was back with a vengence. The last few times my joints have hurt, it has been mainly my left hip, my right elbow, my right shoulder, and random fingers. Even the pads of my feet underneath my toes hurt when I walk. I think that specific pain means my feet are stretching and I'm going to end up with a bigger shoe size when this is all said and done. Fun.

Tylenol has been my BFF and I'm glad I confirmed with the doctor at my last appointment that as long as I stay within the recommended dosage/time schedule, I can pop those babies all I want. Not that I really can tell it makes a difference, but there is nothing else I can take.

In other news, I fnally met one of those "internet friends" I had mentioned in a previous post. Krystal is one of the girls who was also married in April. We actually got married on the same day, April 12th!

I had an Orange County overnight and she met me and picked me up for breakfast on Wednesday morning. We went to a little place that reminded me a lot of St. Louis Bread Company. Well, at least it's called that in St. Louis. It's called Panera Bread everywhere else.

She was as sweet as can be! I really enjoyed meeting her and talk to her. It is a shame we don't live closer to each other as I think we'd be really good "in-town" friends! But I will take what I can get and continue to be long distance friends with her. I haven't downloaded the picture from my camera yet that we took together, but if you visit her blog, she has one there.

I have also mentioned before that Krystal is a great cook, and she was so nice to bake me a blueberry-banana bread loaf. I am waiting to share it with Lewis when I get home, but it smells incredible! She also gave me a small Hallmark book about inspiring stories. Like I said, she's so sweet and thoughtful and generous! I will have to let her know next time I am in SoCal and I also can't wait to meet more of my "internet friends"!

Lewis and I will be heading down to my sister's Physical Therapy School graduation this weekend. She is currently interviewing at several places all over the country and I hope she gets the one in Texas! Our little BB will need Aunt Pinnie close by! **hint hint**

Oh, and I had a man on the plane pass me a note as he was exiting the lavatory yesterday.

My first instinct was to think, "Yuck! He just handed me a piece of paper from the bathroom!".

My second instinct was to think, "Hello!?!? Can he not see I am wearing a wedding band and I'm definitely knocked up?!?

And my third (and most paranoid) instinct, was "Please don't let this be a terrorist note!"

He had written (in crayon, of all things!) a note wanting to know what kind of perfume I had on because it smelled good. I had to smile because 1) I wasn't wearing perfume. I was wearing a body lotion. And 2) Lewis picked out this lotion all by himself a long time ago because he liked it and wanted me to wear it. My honey has a fabulous olfactory sense!

It's from Bath and Body Works and it's called Sensual Amber. The ironic part is that I normally don't wear it at work. But my belly has been itching like crazy and it was the only lotion I grabbed as I was packing. I had also applied it almost 12 hours before so I was surprised anyone could even still sense it.


tracey said...

Sensual Amber is my favorite!! I have the lotion and just finished the body wash. I'm now enjoying the new Black Amethyst, but Sensual Amber is the best. that you used it for your itchy belly. The Keri lotion is good for that, it's what I used. Only now when I smell it all I think of is my pregnant belly and want that again! =)

mamakrystal said...

Awwww, I'm so glad that we've met and glad you enjoyed your sweet bread. I'm already sweet-talking Eric to making a road trip to your hometown!! I've convinced him on New York and/or Chicago for 2009...but if you come back anytime sooner, I'll definitely make you dinner! Take care girlfriend!