Wednesday, May 07, 2008

ATW=After The Wedding

It's all over.

The wedding stuff, that is.

And I am so glad. ;)

The Celebration was a good time. I was very touched by the people who made the effort to be there. We had some friends who drove or flew FAR to be with us. I was so happy to see them there and grateful for their friendship.

Our familes were an integral part in making it a success. Many many many thanks to my mom and dad, Karol, April, my Padrino and Madrina, Micci, and Nancy.

The food was awesome, the dancing fun, and it was great sharing our happiness with family and friends.

I took the marriage license to the SS office and to the DL office last Monday before I left for work. I got my SS card in the mail this week and I am officially Elisa Brown. The only thing that hasn't changed my name yet is my SWA ID. I was told they do name changes once a month, so I have to wait until they do the nxt batch, whenever that is. My credit cards are changed and so are some other minor things. It sounds so strange to hear people call me "Mrs. Brown". I keep thinking they are referring to Lewis' mom! Signing my name is weird, too. You'd think I'd have it down since I "practiced" so much, but it's hard to remember! And then I don't like how it looks!

I love how the wedding band looks on Lewis' hand. I think it's hot! I don't know exactly how to describe it, but it makes me feel really loved and secure to see it. I'm so lucky to be his wife...

I also got to fill out flight passes for Lewis at work. Woo hoo! So he can fly as much as he wants stand-by...but we rarely go anywhere! We do have a few long weekends that we want to get away this summer. We will not be going to South Padre island like we have been the last two summers.

No honeymoon yet...if ever. I am really leaning towards putting that money towards the house. That is our big plan this summer. We want to work on the house like we did on the condo last summer. I want flooring, I want window seats, I want plantation shutters, I want cabinets, I want furniture...I want a lot! LOL

My brother Ric is marrying Michelle on July 19th. I'm looking forward to going to New Mexico and being at a wedding from a guest point of view. No stress!

Overall, married life has been great! I love saying "my husband". It's funny I say that, because I had a friend a couple of years ago who always said that. (She and her husband had been married a few months at the time.) And I once asked her why she always said "my husband" instead of using her husband's name. I guess I am guilty of doing it, too!

That's really all that's been happening. We're just going back to normal mode, albeit married!

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