Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I know, I know...I have been bad about writing on here.

1. Lewis bought a digital camera AND a digital video camera. If you know even the smallest smidge about Lewis, you'd know this is very unlike him. But we've been needing a digital camera for forever. So I'm hoping to post cool pictures to illustrate my posts in the future.

2. I am "trabajando como un animal". That's what my dad says when he's been working a lot. It means you've been working like an animal.

3. I should be skiing this week. It's the annual girls trip. Like the one I took to Tahoe last year. But I've CHOSEN to work. A lot. I'm planning on going skiing in March or early April.

4. I had a guy on the plane talking on his cell phone during our safety demo today. I asked him to please turn it off. He winked at me and continued his conversation. There was no "Uh, I gotta get off the phone," or "The flight attendant just asked me to end the call" from him. He just continued his conversation as if I hadn't said a thing. So I repeated my request. Very nicely, since one of my goals this year is to approach potential conflicts with sweet niceness and benefits of the doubt. He then looked at me again, rolled his eyes, and told me we hadn't taken off yet. I told him that the front door was closed and had been for about 5 minutes. He then whoever he was talking to that he had to go. Then he told me that "on American you can talk until takeoff". I reminded him he was not flying American. It all ended okay, though. He told us alter he was sorry for being on the phone when he wasn't supposed to be.

5. I have been pretty lucky this winter in the fact that I haven't been caught up in any of the bad storms. I have had some delays because of the current one. I was in the middle of writing this post in what I thought was going to be a four hour delay, but was interrupted in the middle of it by a call from scheduling telling me that they had a bird ready for me and my crew. Then when we finally got to our next destination, they took it away and had us sit for an hour and a half for another one. We got to Tampa last night about midnight and were two hours late. But ours didn't seem so bad once we heard that there was still another flight coming in at 4am that still CONTINUED on to FLL. Ugh.

6. As I finish this post, it is Valentine's Day. It's really never been a big deal to me. I guess it still isn't. Lewis knows I love him and I hope I convey it to him everyday, not just on some commercialized holiday.

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CHEZ BEZ said...

As always, I love reading your stories from the air.

I submitted my resume online a few months ago but only recently sent in one accompanying a referral form from a flight attendant. Hopefully, I'll get a call from that and join you up there asking people to turn their cell phones off.