Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Anson Roots

This past weekend was spent in Anson.

It was a full house. Lewis went with me, April had Chris fly in, and Rick flew in from Georgia as a surprise. Thankfully, my parent's house is frickin huge, because we also had some relatives stay with us on Friday night.

It was Homecoming weekend in Anson. We had lunch at the Sirloin with my Dad, and then my Dad gave Lewis and Chris a tour of how the cotton gin worked. We decided to skip the Pep Rally and we watched some home videos instead. (I am a home video addict. I could watch them all day.)

We did go to the football game later that night, but we went to a brisket dinner beforehand benefitting the Senior Class, of which my cousin Elijah, who dislikes me, is a member of.

*Whew, long sentence, and sooo not grammatically correct.*

It had been a LONG time since I'd attended an Anson function, so of course I ran into lots of people I hadn't seen in a long time. People who I remember as small children now have small children of their own. I think by small town standards, I am a loser since I have not been married and have a dozen kids by now. But phooey on small town standards....Such a narrow minded mentality.

Saturday and Sunday were just spent lazing around. Anson is not a plethora of bustle and excitement. But sometimes, that's exactly what one needs.

I'm back at work now. I'll be in Amarillo this weekend. The last time I was there, Lewis and I filled feeders at the Ranch. We also went dove hunting for a couple of hours. I always envisioned hunting like the cartoons with Elmer Fudd. You know, walking around slyly, crouched over, gun ready, black gel under your eyes...but this was nothing like that. We sat in a wheat field and waited for the birds to come to us. Lewis shot two, and I got one shot off, but missed by a mile. There was another opportunity for me to shoot another dove that was super close, but I foolishly asked Lewis, "Is that one?", and it flew away. Lewis says to shoot it if it flies, and figure out what it is later. ;)

We have a Halloween party coming up in a few weeks. Our costumes are a secret, but I'm sure we'll have pictures and of course, I will post.

In other news, GO CARDS!!!

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