Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Short, but at least a new post

I've been working/flying my butt off. That's what happens when you take a lot of time off or make plans to take a lot of time off. But so far, I haven't stabbed anyone with a stir stick or gotten fired. I think I'm getting more mellow as I grow older. *snort*

Lewis is back from Colorado. Woo Hoo! We went over a WHOLE week without talking because he was up in the wilderness. Cell phones do not work out in pure nature.

It's freakin' hot all over the country. I get off the plane every night smelling like Boeing. Yuck. We also have passengers who apparently have an aversion to deodorant. And passengers who think less clothing is better, or who also think some clothing is optional.

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april said...

yes, some of the attire (or lack thereof) of some southwest airlines customers is very disturbing. i cant wait for it to get cold, so they will cover themselves up.