Friday, August 11, 2006

Positives and Negatives

I'm normally not a "Negative Nellie", but there's just been some things lately that have gotten under my skin. And when it happens, I start to think, "I should blog about this". So here ya go.

Some pet peeves of mine.

1) When an obvious rookie comes to the gym and proceeds to not follow gym ettiquiette. Like not re-racking the weights. Or not wiping your nasty sweat off the machine or bench. Or when you decide to do your curls right IN FRONT of the rack where the weights are kept, thereby prohibiting anyone from accessing the weights. Or beginning a set right IN FRONT of me as I am trying to watch my form. Also, why do some women insist on doing their hair and makeup for the gym? You may look cute, but everyone can tell you are not serious about what you are doing. Wear cute clothes instead, but only if you have the body for it. Muffin weight bouncing as you run in your cute sports bra and boy shorts does not look as good as you think it does.

2) Drivers who are yakking away on their cell phones and don't realize they are going 45MPH in the fast lane. Or they can see you merging in from the right and don't change lanes to give you a clean merge and in turn force you to slow down. Or when you're waiting for someone to pass so you can merge, turn, etc., and they don't use a blinker. Or those mean awful people who KNOW the left lane is closing and speed up until they can't go any further and then try to cut in line.

3) People who ask for several things one at a time. They ask for a pillow. I get it. When I bring it to them, they decide they want a blanket. So when I bring that, they decide the whole row wants a pillow, too. By then, I've wisened up enough to ask if there is ANYTHING else they need before I leave.

4) Imcompetant people. If you don't know the answer, don't try to BS me. Tell me you don't know so I can assess my other options. Or direct me to someone who DOES know. Admitting you do not have all the answers is not a weakness.

5) Parents who let their kids be boss. Who exactly is in charge? I once had a woman on the plane who had a daughter named Victoria. Victoria was about 4 years old and was kicking the seat in front of her. The man in said seat asked me to ask the mother to tell Victoria to stop kicking the seat. When I asked the mother to do this, she replied, "Well, I can ask Victoria to do it, but she's her own independant person and we allow her to think for herself. So it's up to her". WTFreak?!?!? I was speechless. This kid is her own independant person? What, she pays her bills and has her own responsibilities? Poor Victoria in a few years, and her poor Mom when she realizes what a disservice she's doing to her daughter.

Whew, that felt kinda good to write that.

On a side note, perhaps I am feeling a bit of writing withdrawal since I LOST MY PERSONAL JOURNAL ON THE PLANE. Yep. My Journal. The book that has my personal and private thoughts and feelings. Plus, some pictures in it, some cards, some notes. Yeah. It sucks.

**Heart sinking to stomach feeling.**

I hope I don't run for office someday. It'd be like "Elisa-gate" with all the dirt they'd have on me. *grin*

Okay, so I feel bad for writing the negative stuff. I really don't dwell on it. I've even been accused of being too optimistic.

So here are 5 things that make me happy.

1) Random acts of kindness. Sometimes it's just what you need. A little pick-me-up. There are good people in this world amongst all the idiots. A much needed text message. Paying for my drink as you go in line before me. Doing me a favor you really didn't have to do. A smile when you really need one.

2) Friends. The kind you can count on and depend on. Those that save you from a potential mess and those who really care about you. Those who know you so well, they anticipate your needs before you even know them.

3) Sweat. I know that it sounds icky, but to me, it feels like I am purging bad stuff out of my body. Not sweat like "standing outside at Six Flags waiting 2 hours in line to ride the log ride" sweat, but more like "I really got my heart rate up" sweat or "I worked my tail off and look what I accomplished" sweat. Like if you worked outside or something.

4) Accomplishment. I guess this could tie in somewhat with the sweat thing, but mainly it's the feeling of doing something to or above your potential. The pride you feel when you or someone you care about does something great. I remember when I saw April run her first cross country meet. I thought I was going to cry.

5) Faith. Invisible, yet powerful. I was having a pretty yucky morning this past Sunday. I read some scripture, thought about it, read some more, thought some more. By the time I finished, I was so much calmer than I was when I started. I know I'm not the strongest Christian, and I'll never be perfect, but it lifts a huge weight off my shoulders when I remember and accept that He's got my back.

Have a great weekend everyone!


april said...

i also thought i was going to cry at my first cc meet

lilbmw745 said...

I also have a gym comment. I don't really care if some of those gals put on makeup and fix up their hair - I think it's stupid of them to waste their time (but it's their time not mine). What gets me is the people who put on tons of perfume or cologne. If I'm running on the treadmill and breathing hard the last thing I want to smell is strong perfume - it makes me gag. Please people get a clue - you are here to sweat not prance around!

lilbmw745 said...

Also, on the driving - you forgot to mention the #1 offenders - those who speed up to keep up from merging onto the highway - thanks buddy don't mind me while I hit shoulder :-)